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December 12th, 2011

A Vacation Worth Consideration

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Written by Jamie & Sherri Irvine

My wife and I went to Mexico in November 2011.  I was contacted by a marketing company regarding a vacation for 4 in Cancun, Mexico.  The price was right but of course there was an obligatory 90 minute presentation.  We agreed to go with out any intention of purchasing.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the resort.  It is located centrally between Cancun and Playa Del Carma.  The resort was called Hacienda Tres Rios.  It is a 5 star resort with exceptional service.

Please visit their website multimedia gallery in order to appreciate the luxury that you are sure to enjoy.

Please visit our photo gallery to see the splendid nature and attractiveness of this resort.

Now after reviewing our website and your are interested in considering one of these promotional “once in a lifetime vacations,” please submit the form for more information.  The contact information you submit will be forward to me and I will forward them to the marketing representative.  Your contact information will not be stored.

A representative will be in touch with you in 48 hours upon submitting your contact information from SHARE.


DISCLAIMERThis promotional offer is available only if you agree to sit through a 90 minute promotional/marketing presentation.  The presentation isn’t high pressure and the breakfast is phenomenal.  In addition, our family are now proud members of the resort.  Being a member any family and friends that we recommend to the resort who  purchase a package, our family will receive $100 USD for each vacation purchase.  If you like the resort and purchase a membership as we did, our family will receive $600 USD for each membership purchase.